• Keynote speech on fundamental rights perspectives to integration dilemmas in relation to the ECtHR at the closed expert seminar on fundamental rights and integration, the Policy Research Centre on Integration, University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium, 4 October 2013.


  • Presentation on the EU’s position regarding minorities at the seminar on Reconceptualising and Reconstructing the Concept ‘Minority’ at the European Centre on Minority Issues, Flensburg, Germany, 27 September 2013.


  • Presentation on ‘Religious pluralism and international law: how cherished principles meet limited protection’, at the bi-annual ISSR (International Society for the Sociology of Religion) Conference, Turku, Finland, 27 -31 June 2013.


  • Keynote speech on human rights perspectives to integration dilemmas (in super-diverse societies), at the Conference ‘Europe at the Edge of Pluralism: Legal Aspects of Diversity in Europe, Poznan, Poland, 13-14 June 2013.


  • Presentation on the equality principle at the conference ‘Fragmentation in International Human Rights Law – Beyond Conflicts of Laws’, at Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 16 May 2013.


  • Presentations on religious minorities, ethnic minorities, equal treatment and integration in colloquium series at Queen University (Kingston, Canada), Toronto Univerity (Toronto, Canada), Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), Laval University (Quebec City, Canada), and UQAM (Montreal, Canada), 5 October, 29 October, 2 November, 16 November, 23 November 2012.


  • Respondent at the Religare Policy Dialogue Meeting: Negotiating Religious Pluralism in Europe: between the EU and the ECHR, European Parliament, Strasbourg, France, 28 June 2012.


  • Presentation on ‘Differential protection of the right to equal treatment for religious and ethnic minorities: international legal perspectives’, in the Colloquium Series at the Max Planck Institute on Ethnic and Religious Diversity, Göttingen, Germany, 26 April 2012.


  • Presentation on the convergence/divergence between ‘integration’ and ‘multiculturalism’ at a conference on the future of multiculturalism, at the University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia, 22-24 March 2012.


  • Presentation on visions of integration at the N.W.O. sponsored conference: Religion and Ethnicity in the age of Globalisation,Amsterdam, theNetherlands, 29 October – 1 November 2011.


  • Presentation on duties of reasonable accommodation at the Symposium on Law and Religion in the 21th Century,Rotterdam, theNetherlands, 23 October 2011.


  • Presentation on the margin of appreciation doctrine of the ECHR pertaining to minorities’ right to a traditional way of life and to the right to a healthy environment at the Fourth Symposium on Polar Law, Nuuk, Greenland, 7-10 September 2011.


  • Presentation on the margin of appreciation concerning state-church relations and the protection of religious minorities at a conference on Minorités religieuses, religions minoritaires: visibilité et reconnaissance dans l’espace’,Strasbourg,France, 7-8 April 2011.


  • Artikel 1 Lezing: Gelijkheid voor Minderheden: een Neerwaartse Spiraal?, Utrecht University, the Netherlands, 24 March 2011.


  • Presentation at the RELIGARE conference pertaining to Religious Diversity and the European Workplace, Leuven, Belgium, 13 January 2011.


  • Presentation at a conference on Minority and Indigenous Rights: Emerging Themes and Challenges’,InstituteofCommon Wealth Studies,London,UK, 18-19 November 2010.


  • Presentation (on the Margin of Appreciation Doctrine of the ECtHR) at an Interdisciplinary Conference to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Die Junge Akademie, Berlin, Germany, 24-26 June 2010.


  • First presentation at the conference on the RED, linking the two PhD defences of the VIDI project: ‘The RED: substantive ambition meets procedural limits- Setting the scene’.
    Monika Ambrus and Marjolein Busstra were co-presenter, 18-19 March 2010s.


  • Conference organised by the Council of Europe on Interacting in Diversity for Social Cohesion, Strasbourg, France, 7-8 December 2009.
    I was invited to present my research findings on socio-economic participation of minorities in the workshop on reasonable accommodation.


  • UN Forum on Minority Issues, Geneva, Switzerland, 12-13 November 2009.
    I was one of the speakers in a panel at the side-event on 13 November on the use and usefulness of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities.


  • Presentation at conference on Right, True and Reasonable: the perception of justice in the global era inCaserta,Italy, 29-30 October 2009, on ‘Reasonable Demands based on the right to equality: ever- changing and globalizing’.


  • Presentation on social and economic participation of minorities at a conference organised by the HCNM at the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Lund Recommendations on the Effective  Participation of National Minorities in Public Life, Lund, Sweden, 18-19 May 2009.


  • Presentation on human rights and the protection of religious minorities, at a conference on religious diversity, San Sebastian, Spain, 1-2  April 2009.


  • Presentation on the European Union in relation to New v Traditional Minorities at a conference on ‘New Minorities’ at the University of Strasbourg, France, 29-30 January 2009.


  • Participation at closed seminar on ethnic data collection, sponsored by the EU,Brussels,Belgium, 9 November 2007.


  • Presentation at the meeting of COST Action A 28 on Minority Protection and EU external relations, Belgrade, Serbia, 6-9 September 2007.


  • Participation in seminar on Minority Protection in the EU andIndia,New Delhi,India, 15 March 2007.


  • Presentation on Minority Protection in the EU Foreign Relations, at a Seminar on Preventive and Reactive Approaches to Minority Issues, with HCNM, and the UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues, The Hague, Netherlands, 9 March 2007.


  • Presentation on a possible review model for cases involving conflicting rights at the International Conference on Conflicts between Fundamental Rights,Ghent,Belgium, 15-16 December 2006.


  • Presentation on the added value of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities at a conference entitled The Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: A Useful Pan-European Instrument?, Brussels, Belgium, 5 May 2006.


  • Presentation on the emerging synergy concerning participatory rights for members of national minorities at the international conference on Legal and Political Solutions to Disputes over Sovereignty (from Kosovo to Quebec), University of Belgrade, Serbia-Montenegro, 8-9 July 2005.


  • Presentation on the emerging European standards concerning the accommodation of linguistic diversity (with focus on FCNM and Language Charter) at conference on Debating Language Policies in Europe and Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 31 March-2 April 2005.


  • Presentation as Chair of the Working Group on Political Participation of Minorities to the Conference on Ethnic Autonomy, University of Uppsala, Sweden, 10-13 June 2004.


  • Presentation at the second Mercator International Symposium on “Europe 2004: A New Framework for All Languages?”,Taragonna,Spain, 27-28 February 2004.


  • Presentation at Workshop on the Right to Self Determination,Yokjakarta,Indonesia, 8-12 December 2003.


  • Chair of a workshop (on political participation of minorities and migrants) at the Conference organized by the Dutch Ministry of Internal Affairs on ‘Fundamental Rights in a Plural Society’,The Hague, theNetherlands, 20-21 November 2003.


  • Presentation at the Workshop for the Ethnic Autonomy Project, Working Group on Political Participation of Minorities, Philadelphia, the Solomon Asch Centre for the Study of Ethnic Conflict, USA, 14-16 November 2003.


  • Presentation at the Network Conference for the Minority OmbudsmenProject,Berlin,Germany, 15-18 October 2003.


  • Meeting at LSE,London,UK, 10-12 October 2003, for theCairoproject (evaluating migration flows from the MENA countries toEurope)


  • Presentation at Workshop meeting on Ethnic Autonomy,University of Uppsala,Sweden, 12-16 June 2003


  • Presentation at Conference on ‘Remaking Law in Africa’, at Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 21-22 May 2003.


  • Presentation at conference ‘From Powersharing to Democracy: Post Conflict Institutions in Ethnically Divided Societies’,University of WesternOntario,Canada, 8-10 November 2002.


  • Constitutive meetings for the migration project exploring the migratory flows from the MENA area to the EU,Cairo,Egypt(approved by the IOM, funded by theBritishAcademy), 15-22 September 2002.


  • Presentation at Workshop on Ethnic Autonomy,Uppsala,Sweden, 30 May – 2 June 2002.


  • Presentation at Workshop of the UACES Study Group on EU Burden-sharing entitled EU Burden-sharing: Internal & External Dimensions, London School of Economics,London,UK, 26-27 April 2002.


  • Presentation at Seminar on Minorities and EU Enlargement: Future Minority Policy,Groningen,Netherlands, 11 April 2002.


  • Constitutive Meeting and workshop of the EU-Balkan Working Group, sponsored by the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 19-21 January 2002.


  • Presentation at Conference on Linguistic Diversity in European Law,Florence,Italy, 12-13 November 2001.


  • Participation in the workshop on Diversity within Unity of the Communitarian Network, set up by Amitai Etzioni (GeorgeWashingtonUniversity) inBrussels,Belgium, 1-2 November 2001.


  • Presentation at the International Colloquium on Multilingualism, Education and Social Integration inAntwerp,Belgium, 24-27 September 2001.


  • Presentation at the Panel “Responses to Ethnic Conflict: From Prevention to Intervention” on Post-Apartheid South Africa – part of the Annual American Political Science Association in San Francisco, California, USA, 29 August- 2 September 2001.


  • Presentation at conference on language rights and reconciliation in ethnically divided societies inBath,Bath University,United Kingdom, 8-10 June 2001.


  • Presentation at conference on Self-determination, Security and the United Nations,Vail,USA, 29 November- 1 December 2000.


  • Workshop on Individual Rights and the Palestinian Question, organised by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Centre for Lebanese Studies,Oxford, U.K, 7-8 October 2000.


  • Presentation at ISSEI Conference 2000, Approaching the New Millenium,Bergen,Norway, 14-18 August 2000.


  • Presentation at workshop (part of the Sociale Cohesie program) on the Accommodation of Population Diversity inSouth Africa,Leiden,Netherlands, 30 May 2000.


  • Presentation at conference entitled “Multilingualism, the Judicial Authority and Security Services”,Bloemfontein,South Africa, 23-25 May 2000.


  • Presentation at Conference entitled “Sociale Cohesie en Multiculturaliteit”,Leiden,Netherlands, 16 December 1999.


  • Presentation at International Colloquium on Multilingualism and Government,Antwerp,Belgium, 23-25 June 1999.


  • Presentation at Workshop on “Law and Cultural Diversity”,Utrecht, theNetherlands, 25 September 1998.


  • Presentation at SAELPA Conference entitled “Human Rights and Education”,Stellenbosch,South Africa, 18 – 20 September 1997.


  • Presentation at Closed seminar on the implementation of the 1996 South African Constitution, delegations from Belgium and South Africa, financed by the Flemish Government, Cape Town, South Africa, 13 – 15 September 1997.


  • Presentation at Conference organised by the South African Organisation on Educational Law and Policy (SAELPA) entitled “Education under the New Constitution inSouth Africa”,Rustenburg,South Africa, 23 – 25 October 1996.


  • Presentation at Conference organised by the Human Science Research Council on “Institutional Development in Ethnically Divided Societies”,Mount Amanzi,South Africa, 14 – 16 August 1996.


  • Presentation at Seminar organised in Pretoria, South Africa, 28 May 1996, by the Interuniversitary Centre of Educational Law (ICOR) on “South African School Bill, White Paper 2, Negotiations in Terms of Section 247 (Act 200 of 1993), Financing Policy”, .


  • Presentation at Seminar organised by the European Educational Law Association on “Minorities and Education” inBremen,Germany, 14 – 17 December 1995.


  • Presentation at Seminar organised by the IPSA Research Committee on Ethnicity, entitled “Reconstruction and Reconciliation in Ethnically Divided Societies” inJohannesburg,South Africa, 10 – 13 July 1995.

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